Digital Printing

19 Digital Copies

We offer traditional offset press and the digital technology for our line of services. The offset can best be trusted for bulk printing as it can come up with a consistent quality even if the materials will be run in high quantity.

The digital printing services are the solution for short-run and small quantity prints, especially the materials that you need to get as soon as possible. Our digital printers are being calibrated on a daily basis that it can guarantee you of 95% accuracy when it comes to colors.

Digital printing made the whole process of printing a lot simpler and easier. This is also why it can create the materials at a faster turnaround rate than the traditional offset method. Upon receiving the file from you it is processed by our graphics people at the pre-press on a computer.

A free PDF proof of your file is sent for your approval, after this PDF file is approved by you and all the necessary changes are made the file will go directly into its printing stage using the digital process. This will produce same high quality documents in full colors.